B&T AKNE - SOR SOAP: Flat 13% off on 2 packs (75gm x 2= 150gms) B&T AKNE - SOR SOAP. Offer valid from 4th September 2018 to 30th September 2018 or till stock last. Description: B&T Akne – Sor Soap is a powerful formula specially developed for providing a clear skin. It helps in conditions of pimples, inflammation, itching and flaking on regular use. * Berberis aquifolium is a well-proven remedy for acne and psoriasis * Cardiospermum is known for flaky eruptions like psoriasis * Echinacea angustifolia boosts up the immunity and protects the skin from various infections * Aloe vera reduces the inflammation and itching Directions for use : Apply the soap on the skin, rub gently and produce foam, let the foam remain for one minute and then wash. In case of acne, the soap may be used for 2-4 times in a day for washing face. Presentation : 75gms each MRP : INR 45.00 each Availability: In stock
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04-Sep-2018 – 30-Sep-2018