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Posted on 23-May-2019

Homoeopathic Seva Niketan

Filariasis or Elephantiasis is a parasitic disease caused by an infection with roundworms of the Filarioidea type.These are spread by blood-feeding diptera as black flies and mosquitoes.
Symptoms:You may not know you have elephantiasis until you notice the swelling.Not only will those body parts begin to look bulky and lumpy with stiff,tough skin,there is also pain in the swollen area.You may also have chills,fever & just feel bad all over.
How does filariasis affect your body?
Lymphatic filariasis affects the body by causing severe swelling in an arm,leg,breast,or the genital area.Skin of the affected area becomes very susceptible to bacterial infection.Skin can then become thickened and hard,a condition known as elephantiasis.
How is filariasis diagnosed?
The standard method for diagnosing active infection is the identification of microfilariae in a blood smear by microscopic examination. The microfilariae that cause lymphatic filariasis circulate in the blood at night (called nocturnal periodicity).
Is there any treatment of filariasis in homeopathy?Homeopathic treatment helps only reduce the frequency of Filariasis infection to certain extent.Once Elephantiasis takes place,that is in the cases with large swelling of lymphs,legs,hands,genitals etc.Homeopathic medicines do not or cannot cure the swollen body parts.Homeopathy is suggested only for controlling infection of Filariasis(above video).Homeopathy is not indicated for reducing huge swelling in Elephantiasis.
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